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This sunny, beautiful place will give you a new lease on life  

Address:Central Xiangjiang Road, Section 2, Number 60 (closeto the Wuyi commercial district, by the intersection of Central Xiangjiang Road and Renmin Road West)  

湘江中路二段60号(五一商圈湘江中路与人民西路交界处). Tel:0731-88168633  

Lin Jiang's three story detached building, the first floor is a flower store, the second floor is a reading room, and the third floor's roof has a beautiful view whether at night or during the day. The fine time inside this place, starts from one look out at the glorious view of the Xiangjiang river.   

Smartlife represents a different style of living, and this place itself isn't just used as a restaurant. In the mornings it serves both Chinese and western styled breakfasts, in the afternoon it's a book and coffee bar, a flower shop, an afternoon tea room and in the nights and evenings it transforms into a small bar. From the morning to night, you can always find what you want here.  

"I came into this place one bright and sunny afternoon. Upon entering I was surrounded by a garden filled with fresh flowers, after going up the wooden staircase, the view before my eyes open up in an instant." Lin Jiang's full glass wall allows customers to get a full, clear view of the Xiangjiang scenery no matter where you sit, the glass also allows natural sunlight to fill the room, brightening up the room.

On the left there is a coffee bar, the right corridor is a "book collection self", here customers can read the books on the shelf, and buy them if they wish to take them home. Find a spot inthe sun, then spend the afternoon by the beautiful scenery, doing nothing soaking up the sights and atmosphere.  


Such a beautiful view wouldn't be complete without delicious food to accompany it. This place serves both authentic Chinese and Western cuisine. The boss is a young, beautiful and tasteful woman, who has put a lot of thought into even the smallest details such as the cutlery, ensuring that all of the cutlery and dishes harmonize together, look absolutely beautiful, allowing customers to have a dinner that is pleasing to all senses. I recommend the durian pizza, paninis and the different types of soups which they have to offer. The menu is really rich and plentiful with enough choice for everyone.

The third floor is a flat roof, during the day it's a great area for sunbathing, when it gets to night this place will turn into a party area. Cocktails and beer will appear on the customer's menus. Birthdays, gatherings, singles' parties etc. will all take place here, people can even book out this area, all you have to do is tell Smart Life of your requirements and they'll help to make it a night to remember. During the Saturday Orange Island firework displays, there are never enough spaces to meet demands, so remember to book ahead of time as this restaurant provides an amazing view of the display.

Transport: Smart life's close to Du Fu Pavillion, opposite Xinjian Cheng's Haixin Daxia. The buildig's hidden amongst tees and bushes but you should be able to see the sign.   Price: A meal is around 100元per person, afternoon tea will cost about 60-70元per person. For details about renting the top floor for functions please enquire within.  

Summary:It's not just a restaurant, it's more of a lifestyle, staying here for 24 hours still wouldn't make a person feel dull.    


Lingering on a Ferris wheel to the end of time.    

地址:芙蓉中路二段摩天一号1座2016室 Address:Central Furong road, section 2, Motian Yi, number 1,  room 2016. 联系:0731-82881413 Contact:0731-82881413  

Sitting on a Ferris wheel, seeing the view is not as good as sitting in Xiang Yang seeing Changsha. With the Ferris wheel slowly revolving, a bustling Furong road and the grand view of Helong stadium all in view, sitting by the window eating a simple meal of salad, when the song by the Hong Kong singer Eason starts ringing in your ears: "lingering on a Ferris wheel to the end of time, in a high place watching the world pass by"...   

XiangYang is a small restaurant in a large building complex, the inside of the restaurant is clean and neat, with a black and white color scheme as the prominent motif. The curtains are also able to be drawn to, allowing for a private resting place for those weary customers. I found it best sitting by the window, it felt like I was sitting by Changsha's most beautiful landscape. There you have the Ferris wheel, Furong Road and Helong Stadium right before your eyes.

When dusk hits, you can see all of the youths exercising in Helong Square, the elderly and the young taking a stroll, making the landscape a vibrant and bustling scene. Seeing all the neon lights on the buildings is also a beautiful sight, but these are all nothing compared to the splendor of the firework display. These are a sights which can be seen at Xiang Yang.   

Just like the beautiful scenery, the food is also exquisite. 

The menu was drawn personally by the owner, and dishes consist of fruits and vegetables beautifully arranged on a plate. This restaurant focuses on healthy but delicious light dishes. The main dishes which Xiang Yang serves are salads, serving around six different types; chicken, bacon, ham, and more.

The price per salad is within 30-40元. All the food served here is refreshing, not too greasy or salty, and made with fresh ingredients. With such healthy food you'd assume that most men would keep a distance from this place, however lots of men like to come to this restaurant at night to enjoy the cocktails, snacks and atmosphere that this restaurant has to offer.



The majority of Xiang Yang's customers are bubbly couples of women, in the afternoon they'll order a portion of glutinous mango rice and then just order some toast and salad for afternoon tea. There are also single tables, with the back to the restaurant's interior, facing the Ferris wheel. I recommend the durian toast here; comprised of durian pulp, mozzarella and oat bread. Upon ordering it you'll have to wait a minute for them to toast it, when it arriveson your table you'll smell a weak durian scent, the top is crisply toasted butthe inside is still nice and soft. For drinks, I'd recommend any of the freshly pressed juices as all of the ingredients are fresh and natural.   

Service: the service is really good, all the waiters/waitresses are young, but not extremely warm and welcoming. Transport: There's an underground car park underneath the restaurant's building. Summary: It's a really suitable place for women to enjoy their afternoon tea together as all the food is light and salad-based. The view is really great, and a couple of drinks and a portion of toast costs about 40元 per person.  


A sci-fi coffee shop from the future.  

地址:湘江世纪城富湾国际3栋1501(金源购物中心和居然之家中间,靠江边) Address:Xiangjiang Shiji Cheng Fu Wan Guoji building 3 1501 (between Jin Yuan retailcenter and Juran Zhi Jia, by the river side.)

A dreamy and romantic nebula where guests are able to touch the solar system whilst a virtual robot takes your order and a sentient "baymax"delivers your food, there is also a massive platform where customers can lookout at the Xiangjiang... Feeling as though they're alone in their own dreamland. All of this is possible in Changsha's first ever science-fiction themed coffee shop, customers are able to travel through time together to a high-tech, future coffee shop.



To go to the future, you first of all need an entrance invitation code . After following the wechat number (villcom), booking a time, and ordering a food, customers can receive a special password. Upon entering, customers are instantly attracted to the left-hand side wall's stars and characters (未来:future), it's almost as if you've entered a new world.

If you look up you can see monitors broadcasting videos of stars, after walking through, the sight of asolar system-styled light is particularly dreamy, there is also the future's history written on the wall. Carry on going inside and customers will encounter a reverse-time area, all of the clocks on the wall are going backwards. At theend is a massive open balcony where customers can see the sun setting over the Xiangjiang and the bridge and city night-scape.

There aren't any waiters in the future, after entering the invitation code, an iPad robot will come to guide customers, once customers have chosen they need to take out their phone and scan the barcode on the table in order to connect to the restaurant's wifi. This is a really important tool in the future, if there's something which you don't understand you can check stuff on here, and you can control everything from your phone using the wifi from ordering food to adjusting the brightness of a lamp.

After a short while, customers will hear aloud rumbling noise but don't be alarmed, it's just a robot coming out from a star-filled gate with your food and plates. After eating their food, customers are welcome to go to the balcony and see the view, play with mini robots, take pictures by the star wall. You can do whatever you like, this is the freedom ofthe future.


This wonderful coffee shop was made by two guys who specialize in science and engineering. They spent half a year of their spare time creating this coffeeshop , personally designing the waiter robots, spending over 10,000元on inviting a specialist to help them with creation, inviting friends to help them paint the star wall, the star lights, developing all of the online programs, making the special reverse-time clocks.

This place can be said to be a paragon of technology, freedom, and the idea of creating one's own dream space.The food and drink here all have their own special names, and will have StarWars figurines accompanying them, you can order cheese stars or shrimp stormtroopers. Enjoy your stay in the future, and become infatuated with your sci-fi surroundings.   Environment:sci-fi and mysterious, with a beautiful view of the Xiangjiang from the balcony.

Writer recommendation: Shrimp storm troopers, Cheese stars. Service: Requires wechat reservation, order your own food, robot host and waiters, high-tech service with no people serving.

Transport:Nearest bus stop: 凤亭路口Feng Ting Lukou (Fengting road).

Summary:This restaurant requires a wechat reservation, so be sure to book ahead of time! Wechat ID: villcom. The reservation system strictly regulates the amount of people who use the restaurant space at any time. If you require piravcy there'sa function room that can be booked out, suitable for department brain storming sessions.



Yourself unlimited cooking space.

ByYue lake ('moon lake')'s lotus pool, come and see the magic of the iron plate.  

地址:滨河路188号月湖公园内博禧轩旁 联系:0731-85557727

Address:Bin He road, number 188. Inside Yuehu park by Bo Xi Xuan. Tel:0731-85557727    

As it turns out, right by Yue Lake there's a Japanese restaurant to remember! Sitting by large windows with blooming lotuses outside, watch the chef masterfully cook teppanyaki, without any hint of showing off, the cook willquietly go about his work skillfully.

This is a space which belongs to you,where you can taste both Japanese food and coffee, a place with both motion and tranquility at once.


Upon entering 'yourself', you'll definitely want to sit down first as the scenery will make you want to wander to and fro. When you open up the window the buildings in the distance appear to have been veiled, quietly standing tall. If you look down a bit you can see the lotus pool, green and full of life, announcing that this land has been occupied by their greenery and tranquility. Inside the restaurant you can admire the Japanese style Teppanyaki iron plate,or you can spend an afternoon reading a book, drinking some coffee in a booth.   

The most popular dishes are the teppanyaki seafood dishes, they're also the best way to test the freshness of the restaurant's ingredients. The chef here has a pretty reserved personality, and whilst cooking will quietly and skillfully go about his work. Every dish will be played up to the appropriate amount after cooking and sent to your table, the chef will then recommend the best sauce to go with the dish. Meat, vegetables and seafood should be paired with salty, sweet, and sour dips respectively.

For young lovers here on a date, there is arecommended set meal for 398元. For this price you can enjoy sashimi, battered shrimp, swan liver, special beef slices, chicken fillet, fried rice and an after meal desert.

After enjoying the amazing and fresh tasting sea food Teppanyaki, it's also a good idea to order a tempura battered dish. I recommend the shrimp, sweet potato and pumpkin assortment, who could know that deep fried food could taste so great? The shrimp and pumpkin taste don't get over-powered at all by the frying, they still have a crisp, fresh taste. Along with the refreshing view of the lotus pool, you'll get the feeling that the food and scenery given to you by nature is a sensation.   Environment: By Yue lake, with a really fresh, quiet and tranquil atmosphere which will giveyou the most relaxing experience which you've had in years.  

Specialties: Teppanyaki shrimp, Teppanyaki squid, assorted deep-fried tempura shrimp, caramel macchiato, special latte. Service: The service is great and attentive, sitting watching the chef cook on theTeppanyaki all afternoon still won't lead to staff coming over and inappropriately disturbing you.  

Transport: The restaurant is in Yuehu Park, by Bo Xi Xuan, however the sign has been covered by plants and trees, you need to pay careful attention to notice it. Getting to the restaurant is a little inconvenient but you can take the bus toWan Jia Li Lu Hong Shan Lukou (万家丽路洪山路口)or to Yue Hu Gong Yuan (月湖公园). Inside Yue Hu park there's free parking.  

Summary: The scenery and the food go really well together, you can eat Japanese Teppanyaki made with the finest ingredients. You can also pay 30元for an afternoon of coffee and fruit drinks. It's also a great place for dating couples to take some nice pictures.

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