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In Yongzhou, a 105 year old legendary elderly woman lives on. Whenever people refer to her, villagers will assert that: "she's killed a lot of Devils". This legendary lady is a 105 year old golden flower. 

Yan Jinhua was born in 1909, a native of Henan luohe, her with husband fought in the army in Chongqing (then Hunan) to beat invaders. After her husband's sacrifice, Yan Jinhua was shot in the head and withdrew from active life to recover herself from injury.

Now, 105 years old, her second husband and sons have all passed away, and she lives with her grandson doing simple chores such as cooking! "As a soldier, I didn't give the nation disgrace!" On August 12th, veterans of the war of Yan Jinhua talked about their many years of memories. She showed her military uniform of that year to fellow elderly heroes in a rare press interview. Full-time Vice Chairman Tang Xiang Yongzhou of themunicipal party Committee, told reporters: "we have investigated and can verify that Yan Jinhua luohe, originally from Henan province, was born on December 15, 1912.

Due to the war and of domestic distress she resettled near Changsha. Later she joined the army, and participated in twobattles of Changsha, been wounded on the battlefield. She remains the sole female survivor in Yongzhou city”