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From a recent trending article, we can bring you some pretty funky and outrageous places to grab a meal or snack in and around Changsha! Check these out! WNIC is not responsible for this second hand details.

1. The Pen Pot


Very authentic Chongqing flavor, decoration elegant, with a comfy feel, this hotpot has split sections for different tasting food and notable pork slices. In fact, they happily hang pictures of cute piglets as if in some way they are not what's on your table! Anyway, as hotpot's go, this ain't a bad choice. Take a look.

Address: Tianxin district tea building, 2/f, No. 378, Jiefang West Road (opposite Muse).

Phone: 0731-84115151

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2.The 'lab'


Fresh milk and fruit, bubbling in formation, liquid nitrogen at room temperature evaporating creates this awesome themed ice cream snack bar! They also boast using no additives and being a healthy option. Every two weeks they will rotate their fruity concoctions too, giving a reason to go back. Located in the new 7Up Mall (Wuyi Square).

Address: 7Up g 1108, THE LAB (Melbourne ice cream).

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3. Baked train theme


Dinner on the train always gives a sense of luxury because food on the rails is expensive and unpalatable. So, this place gives you that classic style feeling. On each table, there is a grill (as shown here) and you can use skewers, so you can tuck into Korean fried chicken, pumpkin porridge and other dishes. Recommended: Bacon mushroom roll, House-made sausages, Korean cold noodles, Korean style fried chicken

Address: Yuelu district, Changsha Oaks Plaza 3

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4. Doraemon theme restaurant

OK, for those who are obsessed with this cartoon character this is the place to be: serving desserts surrounded by Doraemon pillows, wallpaper and decor. Try the mango black glutinous rice with coconut milk.

Address: Kaifu Street, Wanda Plaza B65

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5. Toilet-themed restaurant


This one has been around for a while. Sit on the toilet, tuck in to a dish of poo (not really poo, of course, but maybe chocolate ice cream). There is also a shower room wish chamber-shaped bowls and plates.

Address: street No. 216/f, Yue IDmall 

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No. 6. 8 Yuan pot-themed restaurant


It's time to go back to school! A blackboard, desks, as well as teachers, discipline masters and principals, wjo will greet and give you homework if you're bad, at this school-themed restaurant. If you're a teacher then you'll love this (unless, of course, you've had enough of the classroom for one day!). Still, a great little theme.

Grade: Australian beef steak with cheese, Sun roll, cold noodles

Address: ShaoShan Lu, No. 263, Hongming Center of Yuhua district D, 208.

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7. The Storm

The stuff of legends, heroes and kung fu warriors... this restaurant's is all about warfare and the art of...eating! This place has even been known to stage fight shows and the boss is a fan of the classic fight flicks.

Address: community building 85, No. 554, XingSha, Zhen Liang Tong

Phone: 0731-85284748

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8. The Red Times


Red Times is Hunan's first revolutionary-themed eatery. Apart from authentic peasant food, there are characteristics of the revolution with performances, live interactive sessions and guests can watch the show and even impromptu singing on the stage.

Address: Tianxin district, Xiangjiang Lu (at its junction with Yin Jia Chong Lu).

Phone: 0731-85111797

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9. Mint Cafe



Mint Café is a special café with the theme of mint, serving mint flavored coffee, milk tea and drinks. The flower language of peppermint is warmth and cordiality. That’s exactly how they serve every single customer. Check out their coffee, drinks, desserts, spicy snacks and also their logical desktop games in here.

Address: No.84, Xinjianxi Road, Yuhuan District (The opposite of 21 middle school)
Mobile: 15074973883 (Ken)

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10. The 'Miss Dessert' Party


Believe it or not, the pictures you can see here are of cakes, even the designer bag. Yes folks, these crazy and amazing cake designs can give you a pretty interesting sit down experience at this quirky place. From nut cakes and binglan to a life sized model Chanel bag cake which can be customized, the perfect place for the shopping lady!

Address: shuguang road 798 urban experience Museum 2nd Hall (love Wedding Pavilion

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