NO.1 Freeman coffee

Address:West Laodong Rd, East Tong Fu Mansion, No. 513, 3rd Floor. 

Recommended: Honey Buns, coffee range and relaxing environment with electricity sockets under each table.

NO.2 SeeU

Furong Middle Road No. 343

Recommended: the Spice and Mocha; Caesar salad; Denmark Fort Tunas and a nice, book-feeling of calmness.

NO.3 Maan Coffee

Furong Road (No. 300), Liuyang River area (near Pak Sha Wan Fei)

Recommended dishes: Cheese muffins; ham sandwiches. The loft decor is stunning and a great place to impress friends.

NO.4 Adorable Cat Coffee

Wuyi Square Garden, Xintiandi Commercial Building, 2217

Recommended: Frappuccino; caramel macchiato espresso frappuccino. This is a special 'cat-lovers' zone, so be ready to purr away.

NO.5 Starbucks

Tai Ping Jie (north end)

Recommended: the usual Starbucks range except the decor in this one is traditional Chinese and very well maintained.

NO.6 Caffe Bene Coffee

West Laodong Road No. 408

Recommended: Cream Cheese Strawberry waffles and a nice interior in this stylish chain coffee establishment.


Wuyi Avenue (junction of Xiangjiang Lu), Kaifu

Recommended: Waffles. This is a normal cafe except for the big animal theme going on. Makes a change, worth a visit.

NO.8 Plain Time Coffee

Yuelu district, Changsha:Yuelu Boulevard Oaks Plaza, apartment 5, 65th floor

Recommended: Honey on toast; honey citron tea. It may be hidden but a superb interior design and great waiter service.

NO.9 MounGar 423

Aimin Lu, off Xinmin Lu, Yuelu district (opposite former Hooligans Pub), West side.

Recommended: Caramel macchiato; Caramel Latte. 423, being Taiwanese, is homely, snug and warm; perfect to just chat or unwind.

NO.10 La Cafe

Wuyi Dadao (near Wuyi Square subway station)

Recommended: amazing atmosphere and stylish decor make this a very valued place to relax at. Brand new and still getting it's full range of drinks and snacks in. 

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